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Payroll Outsourcing Providers- Reliable Cost Effective Service

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Question by SoundingINN: Payroll outsourcing- Please recommend reliable and cost effective service providers? We are a new small business with less than 5 employees. We want to outsource payroll and HR. We are looking for a small, reliable local player preferably with a local presence in San Antonio. Any recommendations? Best answer: Answer by Sandra [...]

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Tips With Simple Guidelines To Calculate Payroll Taxes

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Article by Sara Jenkins Managing a business small, medium or big requires you to pay your taxes, as well as your employees taxes. Managing a payroll can be an arduous and taxing job, no pun intended. There are laws that require us to pay taxes and everyone have to comply with that. But keeping up [...]

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A Quick Guide To Payroll Tax

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Article by Tawee Subsomboon The term Payroll tax actually includes the Social Security tax, Medicare tax and Federal income tax. The Social Security tax provides benefits for retired workers, the disabled their dependents and it has a payroll tax rate of 6.2%. There is a maximum annual amount of Social Security tax withheld per employee. [...]

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