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Congress Reaches Tax Cut Deal – Latest Paycheck Plus News

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Your tax questions answered: Write-offs Late last year you caught a break. Congress reached a deal that extended the Bush-era tax cuts for two years and renewed perks like the sales tax deduction and the tuition write-off for non-itemizers. Read more on CNN Money Coming Sunday What do you make? How does it stack up [...]

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Tax Relief – Deductible Donations to Charities

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Donations to charities fall into two categories: financial contributions and donations in kind. The first is the amount in cash, check or paycheck deductions, out-of-fees and transportation costs such as gasoline for your car if it is used to contribute to charitable or voluntary community service. Remember, you need a receipt or bank record for [...]

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Calculators for Taxes and Paychecks

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Article by Adrian Alexa If you are the owner of a large company that has under it’s employment more than 100 people then you are going to have a great amount of hassle when calculating the paychecks and the taxes that will come associated with those amounts of money. A great way to save time [...]

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Defaulting On Paycheck Loans Is A Bad Idea


Article by Andy Giera A payday, or, alternatively, paycheck loan is often a way out of an unexpected emergency hard cash circumstances. In particular should you tend not to have accessibility to your charge card. A payday bank loan is often invaluable in these cases and get you income within just 24 several hours. The [...]

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How Does A Paycheck Work – Who Is Taking My Money

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Article by Lindel Garvint Looking back on the day I got my first pay stub I remember myself being filled with elation and shock at the same time. It was my first job during the time I was a freshman at university and I was earning around and excited at the prospect of making 0 [...]

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